Download ARDefender apk v1.5.3


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Take a look at the future of mobile gaming!

ARDefender is a simple yet very innovative game based on a new technology known as Vision Based Augmented Reality.

It uses the camera of the phone to blend the game world and the real world for a truly surprising, immersive and fun experience!
ARDefender is an Augmented Reality Game, involving a tower, various weapons and nasty opponents bugging you on your desk. Simply move your phone to target the enemies, it's magical!
The game uses your camera phone and a piece a paper that you printed. Discover this revolutionary gameplay on your Android phone or Tablet.

How to play:
  • Print this PDF file: Playing Board PDF (also included in the download file)
  • Start the game and point your phone to the playing board paper.
Read more: ARDefender v1.5.3


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