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If you are looking for a voice controlled, virtual assistant, similar to Siri on the iPhone 4S, look no further.
Omega will listen to your requests, answer your questions and act on your behalf

Just by asking, you can make appointments, send messages, set alarms and reminders, launch apps, call taxis, businesses and your contacts, check for stores, restaurants and bars around you and many things more.
Omega can also answer general questions, do unit conversions, knows probably more about our world and the relations within it than you and is simply a good companion. It will follow along with the conversation and react intelligently to incomplete input and contextual assumptions.

Thanks to fully supporting Wolfram|Alpha, Omega is able to answer complex factual questions. No other app, not even Siri, will answer these question acoustically:

"What is the 30th Tuesday in 2015?"
"Who is the president of Argentina?"
"How many cups are five pound of lead?"
"Population of the United States, divided by total world population?"
"Who is the singer of Coldplay?"
"Heart disease risk of a 30 year old male smoker?"
"How many dollars are five euros?"
"Will it rain in San Francisco tomorrow?"
"When was the radio invented?"
"Who invented television?"
"What's the highest point in Canada?"
"What's the stock price of Microsoft?"


If you are getting "Server errors": Please update Google Voice Search in Android Market!
If you cannot hear Omega talking:
Please make sure that you have a text to speech engine installed! Omega will assist you in downloading this by clicking on "Check for TTS data" in the preferences(Press the menu button!).


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