Download Fancy Widget Pro apk v1.0.8


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Fancy clock and weather widgets with lots of customization options

Basic features:

  • Clock with customizable time and date format
  • Current weather condition and 3/4-day weather forecast
  • Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature support
  • Geo-location for weather or search city by name/zip code
  • Configurable refresh interval
  • Additional information (e.g., battery level) on the widget
  • Configurable widget tap actions
  • Automatic sunrise/sunset time calculation
  • Digital clock widget styles with skin support
  • Many options to customize the widget

Pro version exclusive features:
  • Choice of Google or WeatherBug weather forecast
  • Severe weather alerts with customizable notification options
  • Extra flip clock widget style with skin support
  • Access to the Fancy Widget Market and convenient skin management
  • Fancy weather animations (rain, storm, snow, etc.)
  • Compact home widget with clock and weather (4x1)
  • Clock only widget (4x1)
  • Weather only widget (4x1)
  • Weather forecast widget (4x1)
  • Even more customization options
Recent changes:
  • Enabled the holographic theme for Honeycomb
  • Added windshield wiper animations for storm or snow conditions
  • Fixed missing weather icons for certain conditions
  • Updated some language translations (e.g., Finnish, Japanese) 
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