Download Voice Actions Plus apk (Jeannie) v1.2.3


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Control your phone through speech commands. Get your own Virtual Assistant just by using your voice!
More functions than Siri, Nuance, Dragon or Vlingo!

Talk to your android. Ask it to:
  • Voicedial your contacts
  • Set alarms and reminders
  • Send text messages and email
  • Listen to music and poems
  • Get news, facts and translations
  • Search images, videos, apps and places
Things you can ask Jeannie:
  • call James at home
  • text Maria that I love her
  • news about Barack Obama
  • set alarm clock: wake up monday at 8am
  • and much more... (ask: "what can you do?" / watch the video below / see the options in the app settings)
Recent changes:
  • Control wifi, bluetooth, volume by voice
  • Weather forecasts
  • Painting/Drawing by voice
  • Sent messages & reminders are saved
  • Jump to system settings
  • Add calendar events through speech
  • Say 'speak faster'
  • Say 'speak louder'
  • Say 'speak chinese'! (SVOX recommended)
  • Read incoming SMS, REPLY
  • (experimental, FIXED)
!!Most things can be said in many ways!!

Voice Actions Plus is the same as the PLUS UPGRADE for Jeannie, so don't install both.
The paid version has a better answer service ( prioritized, faster) and should be free of advertisements. 
We made some special efforts to make this program compatible with
Android phones running version 1.6+ OR custom ROMs. Paid version should be installable on SD-card!

Read more: Voice Actions Plus (Jeannie) v1.2.3


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