Download Musical Pro apk v6.0.5


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Be Musical on the go with a piano, drum kit, metronome, pitch pipe and more!

Piano Practice Mode

◦ Play-along piano learning game
◦ Over 20 included songs (+ any MIDI)
Piano & Keyboard
◦ Scrolling grand piano
◦ 2-octave stacked pianos
◦ 128 General MIDI instruments
Recording (Piano & Keyboard)
◦ Export as MIDI or ringtone
Wireless MIDI input device
◦ Piano & keyboard
◦ Supports Windows/Mac/Linux
◦ 40-200BPM metronome
◦ Time signatures/subdivisions
Pitch Pipe
◦ C to C
◦ Basic 8-piece drum kit
Autoharp (BETA)
◦ Strum chords on the harp strings
Honeycomb tablet optimized

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