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Voice without Minutes!
This app, in conjunction with Google Voice, lets you make unlimited calls to any phone in the U.S. or Canada using the data connection of your mobile device (including Wi-Fi and/or 3G,4G) without using your mobile minutes. Once you get a free public phone number from Google Voice, use this app to make or receive calls to/from anyone in the world. (To learn how to get a free US phone number, low international calling rates, or any other details, please visit the Google Voice

Enjoy a single number that calls you anywhere, online voicemail, free calls within U.S. and Canada, incredibly low rates everywhere else, and the ability to send incoming calls to voicemail. If you have a smartphone with Wi-Fi connectivity but no mobile plan, use this app to convert it to a free, full-featured working phone.

This app has a separate dialer that can be used to make calls. Alternatively, the native dialer, call-log, contacts, and favorite functionality can be shared between the phone and app on a call-by-call basis.

** NOTE ** Please ensure that your Google Voice account is associated with either a gmail or google apps account.
** NOTE ** To receive incoming calls you MUST go into your Google Voice account and forward calls to Google Chat. You may also need to sign out of Google Chat or Google Talk in other locations as calls are only routed to one sign-in.

What's in this version:
  • 1.2.12
  • Fix issue causing sporadic calls with no audio that was affecting certain devices
  • 1.2.11
  • Fix Korean Galaxy S WiFi
  • Add inclusion and exclusion regex setting
  • Ensure correct layout is used for in-call screen
  • Support Gtalk invisibility
  • Allow mic source configuration to take advantage of VoIP mic in Honeycomb
  • Add option to ignore weekends in start/stop time setting
  • Improve voice cut-off on call connect
  • Bug fixes
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