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CamTranslator is a Portable Snap Translator. Snap a picture of any text, and get the real-time translation!

Imagine encountering with text you’ve never seen and hardly know how to type, any dictionary requiring manually text entry will be useless. 
But with CamTranslator, no strange words will get in your way! Simply put the text in phone camera viewfinder, CamTranslator will auto-recognize the text and translate for you real! 
With Cam Translator, you can understand without knowing the language.

  • Snap Translation - We can recognize and translate up to 14 languages, including Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Hungarian and etc.
  • Instant Translation Mode - Open Camera , shake the mobile phone slightly, it can recognize and translate the word near cursor in viewfinder automatically.
  • Auto-recognize language type and translate - You can understand without knowing the language.
  • Multi Language inter-translation - It supports Google translation crossly among up to 54 languages, it also supports 24 languages' Google Dictionaries.
  • Auto-detect text orientation - Auto-detect the text orientation in the image and rotate it to the upside position.
  • Share translation - Share the translation via Email & SMS anytime and anywhere.
  • My Vocabulary - A must-have learning tool to help you review history records.


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